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The Latest in European IP and R&D: Your News Catch-Up Volume 1

In the run-up to the fourth edition of the Dublin IP and R&D Summit, we’re thrilled to announce a monthly newsletter honing in on the key happenings across intellectual property, European law, and  technology. From major acquisitions to a case challenging uniqueness, take a look at the industry’s top headlines below.


Lane IP Acquired by Abion

Lane IP, the renowned intellectual property specialist based in the UK and Ireland, has been acquired by the Swedish-headquartered firm Abion. This acquisition is a strategic move to strengthen Abion’s position in the UK and expand its international footprint.


AI Isn't Taking our Jobs - But it Might be Taking Our Secrets!

Generative AI (GenAI), like ChatGPT and Google Gemini, is revolutionising industries with unmatched efficiency and creativity. Yet, this powerful tool poses risks to intellectual property and data security. Discover how robust strategies like Generative AI Data Loss Prevention can safeguard your business's most valuable assets. 


The EU AI Act Demands Rapid Adaptation

The recently-passed EU AI Act presents significant challenges for IP executives, requiring strategic foresight and the swift reallocation of resources to navigate its implications effectively. 


The Importance of Accurate Design Representations: A Dive into EU and UK Registered Designs

Marks & Clerk delve into a legal case involving TA Towers, a company specializing in modular wind turbine towers, to discuss registered designs for IP protection in the EU and UK. TA Towers' design was challenged by Wobben Properties GmbH for lack of novelty and individual character, and for being dictated solely by technical function. Although the EUIPO initially invalidated TA Towers' design, the General Court overturned this decision. 

The court emphasized the significance of accurate design representations and the role of the "informed user" in assessing design uniqueness and character, highlighting the effectiveness of registered designs in protecting the visual aspects of functional products.


Stay Ahead in IP and Brand Management

The future of intellectual property and brand management is ever-evolving. The Dublin IP and R&D Summit returns this September, focusing on the latest changes, ongoing developments, and essential insights you need to stay ahead in this crucial aspect of any successful brand.

Find tickets, more information, and the full agenda (now spanning over two days!) on our website: 

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