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Explore the Key Themes: AI, Copyright, and Leveraging IP

The Dublin IP and R&D Summit is shaping up to be a game-changing hub of European innovation. By bringing together industry leaders, innovators, and legal experts, this year's Summit focuses on five critical themes that explore an evolving and dynamic landscape.

Each of these themes addresses unique challenges and opportunities for businesses, creatives, and legal professionals. Let's delve into these themes and understand their significance with our exclusive breakdown below!


Theme 1: Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Navigating the evolving landscape of AI regulations and understanding the potential threats and alliances posed by AI can be complex. Just from a glance, new AI capabilities are causing great concerns for companies’ IP with trademark counterfeits and endangering existing copyright for example.

Stay ahead of the curve by learning how AI can help manage IP portfolios, identify high-value IP, and pinpoint key markets for emerging technologies. The Summit aims to examine AI rules and regulations that protect against IP threats and discuss how to safeguard oneself from AI-related risks while using AI in a manner that respects others' rights.


Theme 2: Copyright

AI and associated challenges are threatening copyright, as it was one of the contributing factors to the writers' strike in Hollywood. Many creatives are not equitably remunerated for their ideas and often lack the knowledge on how to protect themselves.

Explore the pros and cons of new laws and regulations under discussion in the EU at the Dublin IP and R&D Summit. Attendees can gain exclusive insights into how individuals and studios can better protect their creative works and ensure fair compensation in an evolving digital landscape.


Theme 3: Utilising IP Portfolios

Some companies have extensive IP portfolios that lie untapped, representing a significant missed opportunity.

Join discussions centred on how large corporations can partner with start-ups to accelerate the development of unused patented ideas. The role of tech transfer offices as facilitators for these collaborations will be addressed. The potential for increased innovation through strategic partnerships and collaboration was a key focus.


Theme 4: Using Patents for Start-Ups and SMEs

Start-ups often rely heavily on a single idea. Protecting this idea on a limited budget can be challenging, and there is a risk of forfeiting trade secrets if they go straight to patenting.

Our array of legal experts can provide invaluable and practical insights into the necessary legal considerations and the decision-making process for protecting IP in start-ups and SMEs. These discussions aim to illuminate the path for smaller companies to safeguard their innovations effectively and economically.


Theme 5: Unified Patent Court (UPC)

The UPC has not yet arrived in Ireland, but companies need to understand its implications, either for future planning or due to trading in European jurisdictions.

The Summit hosts leaders in the UPC, legal experts, and other authorities to shed light on what to expect next. These discussions aim to prepare companies for the potential changes and ensure they are equipped to navigate the new patent landscape in Europe.


Join the Future of IP!

Ready to bolster your knowledge, portfolio, and horizons? Join us this September at the Dublin IP and R&D Summit!

Each of these core themes is reflected throughout our dynamic agenda, aiming to equip attendees with the knowledge and tools they need to navigate an increasingly complex and evolving landscape. The discussions at the summit will highlight the importance of staying informed and proactive in managing IP and leveraging R&D for innovation and growth. 

Will you be there to give your input?

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